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Chiropractic Richmond VA Other Services

Wondering about the other services that we offer? Check this list out. If you have any questions about our Norfolk VA or Richmond VA locations, or would like to learn more about chiropractic care at Slone Healthcare Clinics, our experienced chiropractic teams are here to help.

Functional Testing

Functional testing can detect muscle imbalances, muscle weaknesses, poor muscular endurance, biomechanical abnormalities, abnormal movement patterns, and poor dynamic stability. Functional testing can detect neurologic inhibition and overactive musculature. Functional testing can show poor speed of contraction. These abnormalities, which can be detected through testing are the real causes of neck and back pain. Exercises that make you less vulnerable to stress are prescribed to prevent chronic and recurring symptoms.


Ultrasound is a physical therapy that also reduces swelling and creates heat at the muscle bone interface. Ultrasound uses electromotive force to move fluids and therefore reduce the inflammatory soup in the injured region. Ultrasound increases the metabolic rate. Ultrasound speeds tissue healing.

Hydrocollator Packs

Hydrocollator packs or hot packs are used for pain management. Hydrocollator packs provide a deep wet penetrating change in tissue temperature. Heat is soothing. Heat increases blood supply and brings the building blocks of tissue repair to the injured tissues. Heat softens and relaxes the paraspinal muscles to facilitate spinal manipulation. Heat should be applied 72 hours following an acute injury and should not be applied immediately following an injury.

Ice Therapy

Ice is a physical therapy modality that reduces the metabolic rate. Ice numbs and calms the nerves. Ice should be applied within the first 72 hours following an injury. If you were to hit your head on the corner of a door, ice is the treatment of choice. Heat would actually enhance the swelling and make the swelling worse. Ice can be applied at any time.

Spray and Stretch Therapy

Spray and stretch therapy uses rapid evaporation of a chemical on the skin to cause a cold sensation. The cold sensation allows passive stretching and muscle relaxation to occur. Spray and stretch is an amazing treatment for trigger points and muscular spasm.

Deep Tissue Massage

There is no better way to feel paraspinal muscle spasm than by providing a deep tissue massage. Massage is helpful in reducing the inflammatory soup surrounding the injured tissue. Massage increases the metabolic rate, decreases swelling, decreases muscle spasm, and decreases pain. Massage promotes increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Massage breaks up soft tissue adhesions. Therapeutic massage is provided by the doctors, not a massage therapist at the Slone Chiropractic Clinic.


Biofreeze or counter a irritant is used to help cover up pain. Other creams such as Ben Gay, or Tiger Balm, are also beneficial.

Core Strengthening and Intrinsic Muscle Exercises
Core strengthening exercises are provided to increase strength and endurance. These exercises are provided using low-tech surgical tubing, which can be used at home as well. Home stabilization exercises are an essential component of a treatment program during your recovery. Identifying weak deep paraspinal muscles through functional testing and then correcting those weaknesses is what corrects and prevents recurring problems.

Home Stabilization Exercises

Home stabilization exercises are an important part of recovery from back pain and neck pain. Functional testing will often detect specific weaknesses in strength and endurance that contributed to your recurring problem. Home stabilization exercises are provided to strengthen the weakened core musculature.


X-ray is an important diagnostic tool. X-rays are essential in ruling out fracture, dislocation, and disease X-rays help the doctor assess the health and biomechanics of your spine. In some cases, X-rays can show injury to the ligaments as a result of injury.